About Polish Pension Help

In 2014, the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) worked out an agreement with the Polish government to clear the way for Polish-born survivors of the Holocaust to gain access to a pension to provide an ongoing reparations payment for their experiences during World War II.

However, while many hurdles have been removed, one continuing problem has been the requirement that all correspondence must be in the Polish language.

To this end, the goal of this Web site is to assist eligible applicants by providing free translation services from Polish to English and from English to Polish to mitigate this sometimes frustrating aspect of the application process.

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of professional Polish-English translators and translation agencies throughout the world, and the support of Jewish communal service organizations, we have, as of January, 2017, been able to offer varying degrees of personal assistance to over 370 application cases. However, the applicant, his family, friends, or social worker are encouraged to look through the Website, as a number of tools, templates and documents have been posted which should offer some guidance and assistance which might obviate the need for individualized help.

We wish each applicant much success with your efforts to obtain the pension, and we are happy to continue to offer all our resources at no cost to assist him or her throughout the process.