Letter if you have not received the full payment

Prior to receiving the payment, ZUS, the Polish pension agency, will send the applicant a form with figures as to how the amount was calculated. A sample of the form can be found here. The pension is normally composed of three parts:

  • dodatek kombatancki (the veterans’ allowance): 208,67 zł
  • ryczałt energetyczny (the energy lump-sum): 166,05 zł
  • dodatek kompensacyjny (the compensatory payment): 31,30 zł

However, some applicants may only receive the first part, the veteran’s allowance. Their calculation form will usually have parts 3 and 4 blank, where normally the other two parts of the payment are listed:

Sometimes a letter from ZUS that accompanies this form will explain it. Other times, there might be no explanation. Thus, applicants who would like to inquire as to why they never received the other two payments can send in this letter, which has both English and Polish versions.