Replies to Polish requests

The Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression (UDSKIOR) has sent out letters to some applicants requesting more information. (You may find translations of such letters on the page on this site, “Request for more information“.) These letters may ask for more evidence, an endorsement letter, permission for UDSKIOR to search the archives, or identification of a proxy.

The following is a letter that can be sent to UDSKIOR in response to their requests. It consists of several paragraphs, with each in reply to the various paragraphs that might be found in UDSKIOR’s request letter. It is in Polish, but the comments are in English. (You may have to click the comment icon  commentsin order for the comments to appear.) In order to customize the letter to your specifications, please delete the paragraphs that do not apply to the letter which UDSKIOR sent you, and then print it to send back to UDSKIOR.

Of course, if you have received a request that is not listed in this document, please let us know.

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The letter is in both the male and female forms:

  • Response letter to requests from UDSKIOR ( male | female )