How to apply

There are three documents that must be sent in as part of the initial application process:

    1. The application to UDSKiOR
      This application can be found on the Web site of the World Restitution Organization (WJRO) here.
      An annotated guide is available here
    2. The request for the Auschwitz Jewish Center to serve as proxy
      This document authorizes the Auschwitz Jewish Center to serve as the proxy, or representative, for the applicant. Since UDSKiOR, by law, cannot send any correspondence outside of Poland, the office will send all correspondence to the applicant to the AJC, based in Oświęcim, Poland. The AJC, in turn, will forward this correspondence abroad so it gets back to the applicant.

This form, too, can be found on the WJRO Website here.

  1. The request for an organization to endorse the applicant
    *As of January 29, we have been told this letter is not necessary to send. For now, please ignore this part and perform only the first two steps.

    Every country should have its own organization which can endorse the applicant as being a Holocaust survivor. If none can readily be found, the Association of the Children of the Holocaust in Poland has kindly offered to endorse the applicant. This means that upon satisfactory acceptance of an applicant’s request for endorsement, the Association of the Children of the Holocaust in Poland will send a letter to UDSKiOR verifying the applicant’s status.To request an endorsement letter, an applicant should send as much biographical information and evidence of his or her experiences to the Association of the Children of the Holocaust in Poland. The following checklist may be used as a guide:

a) Please use this cover letter in Polish (male | female versions) to include in your mailing to the Association of the Children of the Holocaust. (Here is the English translation for reference. Please do not send this English version.)

b) Please include a copy of the original application that was mailed to UDSKIOR.

c) You may use the Holocaust History Questionnaire to collect biographical information for this purpose

d) You can try to find evidence in various ways, a few of which are listed on the Examples of Evidence page.

When all is complete, please mail it to:

Association of “Children of the Holocaust” in Poland
pl. Grzybowski 12/16
00-104 Warsaw