The approval letter consists of five (5) parts, not necessarily in the following order:

  1. A letter of approval
  2. A certificate of approval (called “ZAƚWIADCZENIE”)
  3. The decision
  4. A copy of the decision (stamped “ODPIS” in red)
  5. The ERK form

Each is explained below.
keepmeans that the applicant can save the document for his or her records.
returnmeans that the document must be returned to ZUS.

Since you may wish to translate the Polish dates on these documents, you may find a translation of the Polish to English months by clicking here.

    1. A letter of approval keep
      The letter of approval is fairly standard, explaining the accompanying documents. A sample and its translation can be found here.
    2. A certificate of approval (“ZAƚWIADCZENIE”) keep
      You may keep the certificate for your records. An annotated and translated version is available here. The details are specific to each case, but this gives a general idea of the structure and meaning of the document.
    3. The decision keep
      A guide to translating the decision can be found here.
    4. A copy of the decision (stamped “ODPIS” in red) return
      This is a copy of the decision notarized by UDSKiOR. It must be returned with the ZUS-RZ-DKK-01 form (described below). In some cases, it may be stapled to the DKK-01 form as the last page.
    5. The ERK form return
      This form will be sent back to ZUS, the Polish pension agency. Here the applicant who was granted the pension will write down his or her personal information and bank details, so that the money can be sent directly to the account.
      A blank form can be found here.
      A guide to completing this form can be found here.  Once completed, the ERK form and the ODPIS of the approval letter should be sent to:

      ZakƂad UbezpieczeƄ SpoƂecznych
      I OddziaƂ w Warszawie
      WydziaƂ Realizacji Umów Międzynarodowych
      ul. Senatorska 6 / 8
      01-917 Warszawa
      Polska / POLAND

Please note: It is also highly recommended that a notarized copy of an identification document (driver’s license, state identification card, passport) be sent along with the ODPIS and the ZUS-RZ-DKK-01 form.