The denial letter usually consists of five (5) sections:

  1. Introductory statements
  2. Citiation of Article 6
  3. Citations of articles from Law of Veterans and Victims of Oppression
  4. Reason for the denial
  5. Closing of the decision

Reason for the denial is the most important section, as it will tell you whether you can appeal the decision or not.

Below is a guide for understanding the structure and meaning of the denial. We recommend that you use this guide first before submitting the entire decision for translation. If you have any questions, or if you still need assistance, please contact us.




This is the date of the decision.
You may find a translation of the Polish to English months by clicking here.

Summary of Articles of Law
These are the Articles of the Law on Veterans and Victims of Oppression that are relevant in this decision. You might get an idea of the reason for the denial by looking at the articles here.

Article 6
This oft-seen article is not from the Law of Veterans and Victims of Oppression, but rather from the Code of Administrative Procedure. In summary, it is the source of UDSKiOR’s authority to make decisions in these cases.

Articles from the Law of Veterans and Victims of Oppression
These paragraphs cite the specific laws relevant in the decision. You may look up the law and its English translation here

Reason for the denial
This will be one or two paragraphs. You may look for key words which might give a sense of the meaning. Additionally, you can look at already-translated denial paragraphs here, which might match yours.

Closing of the decision
There are variations on this first sentence, but in essence it states that the decision has been denied. The second sentence beginning with the word, “Pouczenie” (meaning, “Instructions”) states that the applicant has 14 days to appeal, but this deadline is not strictly held for international applicants.

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Consider appealing the decision. More information can be found here.