Translation of decision of approval

The approval letter consists of four basic (4) sections:

  1. Introductory statements
  2. Citations of articles from Law of Veterans and Victims of Oppression
  3. Reason for the approval
  4. Closing of the decision

Below is a guide for understanding the structure and meaning of the approval. We recommend that you use this guide first before submitting the entire decision for translation. If you have any questions, or if you still need assistance, please contact us.




This is the date of the decision.
You may find a translation of the Polish to English months by clicking here.

Summary of Articles of Law
These are the Articles of the Law on Veterans and Victims of Oppression that are relevant in this decision. You might get an idea of the reason for the denial by looking at the articles referenced in this sentence. The main articles which UDSKiOR will reference are Articles 4, 21, and 22. An English translation is of the Law, including the introduction and these articles, is here.

Summary of application
There is sometimes an introductory paragraph that summarizes that the applicant requested the pension from UDSKiOR, which may mention the specific reason for which the applicant was eligible, such as being in a ghetto, concentration camp, etc.

Article 22
Most approvals mention Article 22, which, in summary, states that UDSKiOR makes its ruling based upon the applicant’s request and that of the recommendation of a relevant association (e.g., The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors).

Other articles
Some approvals will mention other articles. You can look up the articles here.

Reason for the approval
This section mentions the reasons for the approval. Usually it is because there was evidence found substantiating the experiences claimed by the applicant. You can look for key words here to help to understand the meaning.

Article 5
Often the decision will mention Article 5, which states that it is not necessary to know the time period of the experience, as long as the experience is established.

Closing of the decision
There are variations on this first sentence, but in essence it states that the decision has been based upon the laws as explained. The second sentence beginning with the word, “Pouczenie” (meaning, “Instructions”) states that the applicant has 14 days to appeal. Given that the time needed for international correspondence is lengthy, this deadline is not strictly held.