In the last couple of years, Polish Pension Help has been assisting with researching and processing restitution claims from Germany and other countries, as social workers are often so busy with their other work that they do not have the time to properly assist with these tasks.

We have been considering expanding our services to assist with these other restitution cases, and so we would like to gauge how much these services are needed in the field.

To this end, we are asking if you, as social workers who works closely with Holocaust survivors, might take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire below.

    Survey Form

    1. Approximately how many Holocaust survivor clients do you have?

    2. Approximately how many of them have applied for reparations but were denied?

    3. If you had clients whose claims were denied, what was the primary reason for the denial? (Please choose one from the drop-down menu below.)

    4. Sometimes clients who are already receiving reparations encounter problems with their benefits. Please select the statement(s) below that most accurately reflects your experiences. You may choose more than one:

    Yes, my clients sometimes have their payments stop and we then have to assist in reinstating them.Yes, my clients sometimes receive correspondence from their restitution agency that is overly technical or in another language and we need assistance in understanding and explaining it to them.No, my clients’ issues with their restitution payments are not significant, and we are able to manage them ourselves.

    5. Would it be helpful to have a free resource that specializes in research, applications, and maintenance of restitution claims, or are you able to satisfactorily administer your clients’ restitution pensions and claims in-house? (Please choose one from the drop-down menu below.)

    (Optional) Please feel free to add any other comments here: