Correspondence with Poland during the Coronavirus

Since the worldwide pandemic began early in 2020, international mail has been affected, and consequently many applicants to the Polish pension have not received responses from Poland. If an applicant or his/her family or social worker have sent any correspondence to Poland but did not receive an answer, please see below:

  • Did you send in either an initial application or other evidence to the Office of Veterans and Victims of Oppression (known as UdSKiOR) but have not received a reply in over two (2) months?

If so, please contact us at translations AT*, and we will assist you with finding out the status of your application. You may also use our contact form.
*Please replace the “AT” with the “@” symbol.

  • Did you find out you were approved for the pension but you have been waiting over two months (2) for your approval papers?Many applicants who were approved have been waiting months for their approval letters to come in the mail. This is important because the approved applicant must then send back this approval letter, along with a payment form, to ZUS, the Polish pension agency.

    As a result, last week ZUS announced that if UdSKiOR has approved an applicant, it is not necessary to wait to receive the approval letter in the mail. Instead, ZUS will contact UdSKiOR directly for the approval letter.

    If this is the case, please complete the ZUS payment form (called the “ERK” form) and send it along with a request for ZUS to obtain the approval letter from UdSKiOR. You may find a link to a blank ERK form here, and a guide to its completion here. Of course, you may also contact us for assistance by emailing us at translations AT*, or writing us through our contact form.
    *Please replace the “AT” with the “@” symbol.

The payment will begin on the 1st of the month in which ZUS receives the approval letter and ERK form, so it is important to have ZUS contact UdSKiOR for the approval form as soon as possible, or else an applicant will potentially lose many months of payment.

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