Increase in payment for 2021

ZUS, the Polish pension agency, has instituted its annual increase in the allowance as of March 1, 2021.
You can find the original letter followed by a translation into English, as well as a chart summarizing the changes here.

In summary, as of March, 2020, the total monthly amount of the payment awarded to approved Polish Holocaust survivors was 435.81. (approximately 118.24 USD as of May 24, 2020).
In March, 2021, the new total monthly amount of the payment is 455.42 zł. (approximately 123.56 USD as of May 24, 2021).
This is an increase of approximately an increase of 19.61 zł. (5.32 USD) each month.

Recipients will receive a letter detailing these changes in May or June, 2021.

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