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Correspondence with Poland during the Coronavirus

Since the worldwide pandemic began early in 2020, international mail has been affected, and consequently many applicants to the Polish pension have not received responses from Poland. If an applicant or his/her family or social worker have sent any correspondence to Poland but did not receive an answer, please see below: Did you send in […]

Polish pension exempt from being counted for U.S. benefits & entitlements

The New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) recently updated its legal memo on the effect of Holocaust reparations on U.S. federal benefits and entitlement programs, such as, for example, Medicaid. This most recent version, updated November, 2017, states that, like most German restitution payments, the Polish pension is exempt from being counted as either income […]

German pensions now can be used as evidence for Polish applications

Recently, some applicants to the Polish pension have been asked to send in a letter to Poland granting them permission to make an inquiry with the Claims Conference. This is in stark contrast to a previous statement from UDSKiOR (The Office of Veterans and Victims of Oppression) that “reparations from German institutions is not a […]