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New form to update Poland of change of bank account or address

ZUS, the national insurance institution of Poland which is responsible for the Polish pension payment, has requested that all significant changes that might affect a beneficiary’s payment be reported by completing the EZZ form. Such updates include changes to the beneficiary’s bank account, residential or mailing address, or name. Information about the form as well […]

Heirs eligible for payments owed to beneficiary who dies before quarterly payment date

When a Polish pension beneficiary passes away before the end of a quarter, and his payment is consequently terminated, his or her heir can apply for the months for which the beneficiary would have been paid on the third month of the quarter. ZUS, the Polish national insurance agency, calls this an “unrealized benefit.” For […]

Record increase in 2023 payment

Holocaust survivors who are recipients of the quarterly benefit known colloquially as the “Polish pension” should now be receiving a letter from ZUS, the Polish pension agency, detailing the new payments for this year. Beginning on March 1, 2023, the quarterly payment has increased a record 14.8%. This translates into a new quarterly payment of […]

Special pension for Polish-born survivors over 100 years old

Did you know that Poland offers a monthly pension of over 1,000 USD to Polish citizens who reach the centenarian milestone? You don’t have to live in Poland to obtain it. You just need to be a Polish citizen. Polish Pension Help has been partnering with Polaron, a company that assists individuals with obtaining European […]

Correspondence with Poland during the Coronavirus

Since the worldwide pandemic began early in 2020, international mail has been affected, and consequently many applicants to the Polish pension have not received responses from Poland. If an applicant or his/her family or social worker have sent any correspondence to Poland but did not receive an answer, please see below: Did you send in […]