Increase in payment for 2022

ZUS, the Polish pension agency, has instituted its annual increase in the allowance as of March 1, 2022.
You can find the original letter followed by a translation into English, as well as summaries of the changes here.

The new total quarterly amount of the payment awarded every three (3) months to approved Polish Holocaust survivors is 1462.47. (approximately 333.81 USD as of June 12, 2022).

The new total monthly amount of the payment awarded to approved Polish Holocaust survivors is 487.49. (approximately 111.27 USD as of June 12, 2022).

This is an increase of approximately an increase from last year of 32.07 zł. (7.32 USD) each month and 96.21 zł. (21.96 USD) each quarter.

Recipients will receive a letter detailing these changes in June, 2022.

2 thoughts on “Increase in payment for 2022

  1. Regina Keller Gil says:

    My mother, Susan Weisman Keller, (born Zisla Weisman in Dubieczko, Poland), is almost 96 years old. I am her daughter and am writing on her behalf to find out if she is eligible for such a pension. She is ailing after a stroke two years ago but is still very much alive and aware, remembering her childhood in Poland, her friends, family, etc. If there is documentation to be filed, I will see to it that it is done of course. My contact info is below but you have her information because she received two letters (written in Polish) from ZUS. I do not read Polish and would appreciate a reply in English if possible. Thank you, Regina Keller Gil

  2. Regina Keller Gil says:

    In the event you do not have her information, my mother’s information is:
    Susan Keller, 262-39 60th Avenue, Little Neck, NY 11362

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